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The Student Success Center is designed to support students on our Winona Campus in their academic course work and personal development.

We use a variety of resources and initiatives to ensure that students are challenged in their efforts to fulfill their future goals and aspirations.

The Student Success Center serves as an important access point for students in pursuit of academic excellence. We cultivate and promote intellectual growth and student development by providing a wide range of academic and developmental support. Resources—including support in advising, academic and personal skills, disabilities, testing, tutoring, writing, and career services and internships—are provided to help students fulfill their academic potential and personal goals. The center acts as a vital place on campus where professional staff members mentor, encourage, and guide students in their academic and personal development. Students are encouraged to become familiar with and take advantage of these resources throughout their four years of college.

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Griffin Hall, Room 70
Winona Campus
Hours: Monday–Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Student Success Center
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
700 Terrace Heights
Winona, MN 55987

The Advising Office, in partnership with the Student Success Center and faculty/staff of Saint Mary’s University, works with undergraduate students to help them reach their academic potential and succeed on their academic journey.

Positive and effective learning experiences are the goal of advising and the Student Success Center. The Advising Office helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses and helps students learn how to apply their strengths to their coursework—as well as providing resources and strategies to help them overcome their weaknesses. The Advising Office works closely with faculty advisers, the tutoring program, the Writing Center, the Wellness Center, Career Services and Internships, the Athletic Department, and Disability Support Services to provide a comprehensive advising experience for students.

The Advising Office acts as a resource, support agent, and liaison for faculty and the students of Saint Mary’s University.

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Access Services provides specific accommodations to qualified students based on individual student documentation. Students are responsible for furnishing documentation of their disability and requesting reasonable accommodations to the director of Access Services. Common accommodations include: alternate format textbooks, assistive technology, peer notetakers, testing accommodations, and liaison with the faculty as needed.

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Student Success Center offers tutoring in most subject areas, including humanities, history, mathematics, accounting, business, social science, behavioral science, and natural science courses.

Tutoring increases academic performance by providing an opportunity to practice what is learned in class. Our peer tutors are recommended by faculty within the discipline they tutor. One-to-one and/or small group tutoring allows students to work at their own pace with a tutor who is trained to assist in developing and managing student learning and study strategies.

We make every effort to work around students’ individual schedules as well as to find knowledgeable tutors who understand the learning expectations of the instructors.

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Octavia Brown

Advisor/Countdown to College Coordinator

Saint Mary's Hall, SM136C

Campus Box: # 52

(507) 457-6683

Octavia Brown
Joe Dulak, M.S.

Student Success Center - Director of Learning Assistance

Griffin Hall, GR070L

Campus Box: # 44

(507) 457-1414

Joe Dulak M.S.
Karen Hemker, M.Ed.

Student Success Center - Director of Access Services

Griffin Hall, GR070N

Campus Box: # 44

(507) 457-1465

Karen Hemker M.Ed.
Alisa Macksey, M.A.

Dean of Student Success and First Generation Initiative

Griffin Hall, GR070

Campus Box: # 55

(507) 457-1469

Alisa Macksey M.A.
Marisol Martinez

Student Success and FGI - Advisor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM136A

Campus Box: # 31

(507) 457-6988

Bethany Mota Gonzalez, M.S.

Student Success Center / FGI - Director of Advising

Griffin Hall, GR070J

Campus Box: # 31

(507) 457-8737

Bethany Mota Gonzalez M.S.
Taylor Zanotti, M.S.E.

Student Success Center & First Generation Initiative - Testing Coordinator/Student Support Specialist

Griffin Hall, GR070A

Campus Box: # 31

(507) 457-1418

Taylor Zanotti M.S.E.