Michael Ratajczyk M.A.

Michael Ratajczyk, M.A.

Business - Assistant Professor, Program Director, BA & MS Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Saint Mary's Hall, SM429A    |    Campus Box: #1434
(507) 457-1698   |   mratajcz@smumn.edu

Expertise: Business intelligence and data analytics

  • Areas of Expertise: Purchasing, Market Research, Product Management
  • Research Focus
    Title: Industry Engagement in Data Science Project Assessment - Developed by Michael Ratajczyk funded by Wiley Educational Services

    We seek to become a nationally recognized school for business analytics. We will investigate and use methods that effectively increase collaboration among industry leaders. This would bring students the latest and best practices in the data science world. Included in this is the opportunity for students to obtain internships, cooperative learning arrangements and real-world data sets and projects in the online classroom. The grant funds would be used to engage a learning designer in identifying best-practice logistics and communication to foster and incorporate industry engagement in online programs. The focus will be on establishing relationships with industry partners to enhance the online learning experience.

  • Affiliations
    - Affiliations: Harvard Business Advisory Council : Member 2017-Present
    - The Data Warehouse Institute - 2014-present
    - MinneAnalytics - 2015-present
    - Winona Chamber of Commerce, Business Education Committee Member - 2016-present
  • Education
    - Saint Mary's University of Minnesota: B.A., International Business, Management (2003)
    - Saint Mary's University of Minnesota: M.A., International Business (2005)
  • Links
  • Michael Ratajczyk: Set aside etiquette for a moment — here's how businesses can take advantage of Pokémon Go
    Winona Daily News | online
    Aug 21, 2016

    As a teacher, data scientist, and closet game engine developer, I’m excited about what I believe is a new level and trend of mobile gaming.

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    Buttimer Institute for Lasallian Studies - 2017
  • Examination of Poverty through Gaming
    Heuther Conference - 2016
  • Wealth of Nation Building Practicum
    Lasallian Symposium - 2015
  • Wealth of Nation Building Practicum
    Robert Morris Economics Teaching Conference - 2016
  • Household Gardening…
    Lasallian Symposium - 2014
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    Guest Lecturer; Student Senate Event - 2009