Matthew Nowakowski MBA, Ed.D.

Matthew Nowakowski, MBA, Ed.D.

Doctor of Business Administration - Program Director and Core Associate Professor

Brother Louis Hall, BLH249    |    Campus Box: # 28
(612) 728-5142   |

Expertise: Community Development and Resilience

Dr. Nowakowski writes and presents on individual resilience and community resilience. He also worked in corporate and customer training at Nicolet Instruments/Thermo Electron Corporation with international assignments in Japan, Sweden, Finland, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Areas of Expertise: Individual Resilience, Business in a Catholic Context, Community Resilience
  • Scholarly & Creative Interests

    Resilience, perseverance, community development and the adaptability of people and economic systems.

    Matt’s Current DBA Candidates are conducting dissertation research on:

    • Experiences of a globalized workforce
    • Social media utilization in marketing
    • Corporate training strategies
    • Economic cost analysis.
  • Courses Taught Recently at Saint Mary's

    DBA 800 Global Markets are Resources

    DBA 805 Qualitative Research Methods

    DBA 813 Topical Papers in Innovation

    DBA 830 Seminar

  • Affiliations
    - Academy of Management-Since 2015. Article reviewer.
  • Education
    - University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, La Crosse, WI: B.S.E., Biology and History
    - Edgewood College: M.B.A.,
    - Saint Mary's University of Minnesota: Ed.D., (2010)
  • Experience

    Corporate and customer training at Nicolet Instruments/Thermo Electron Corporation with international assignments in Japan, Sweden, Finland, and Saudi Arabia. Academic administration and faculty.

    Example Publications, Presentations, and Essays:

    Nowakowski, M. (2018).  Dissertation Annotation of “An Assessment of Animistic Beliefs Among Filipino High School Students.” Ed.D. dissertation by Robert Schieler, FSC, AXIS: Journal of Lasallian Higher Education 9, no. 3 , pp. 143-144.

    Nowakowski, M. (2018). From Consumer to Producer of Research: Scaffolding in Doctoral Research Classes to Promote Retention. Presented at: CAEL 2018 International Conference, Cleveland, OH., November 14-16, 2018.

    Nowakowski, M. (2017). Informed by community: Lasallian university adaptations in 21stcentury American university secular culture, Axis: Journal of Lasallian Higher Education, Vol.8, 3, pp. 155-164.

    Nowakowski, M. (2017).Fostering grit in Lasallian students: Applications of care.

    Presentation at the Huether Conference, Denver, Co., November, 2017.

    Nowakowski, M. (2017). Associated by Lasallian Heritage: Building university community in 21stcentury American secular culture.Presentation at The Sixth Annual International Symposium on Lasallian Research, Minneapolis, MN, September, 2017.

    Nowakowski, M. (April 7, 2017). Respect for a diversity of perspectives has never been more important. MINNPOST.

    Nowakowski, M and McGee, R. Building engaged online communities for adult learners at a faith-based institution. Presented at: CAEL 2016 International Conference, Chicago, IL., November 9-11, 2016.

    Nowakowski, M. (2016).  Dissertation Annotation of “A comparative study of the impact of charitable donations on the financial viability of San Miguel model schools.” Ed.D. dissertation by Michael Quirk, FSC, Axis: Journal of Lasallian Higher Education, Vol. 7 no. 3, pp. 155-156.

    Nowakowski, M. and Teehankee, B. (2015). The Manila accord: A report on the 2015 meeting of Lasallian business school administrators, faculty, and staff, Axis: Journal of Lasallian Higher Education, 6, no.3. Institute for Lasallian Studies at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.

    Nowakowski, M. & McGee, R. (2015). Balancing the paradox: Delivering transformative Lasallian education online in a culture of commodity, Digital Journal of Lasallian Research, (10) 2015:58-71.

    Nowakowski, M., Marpe, T., and Christensen, P. The Potential for Good Wealth through the Collaboration between Catholic Universities and Businesses in the Developing World via Green Marketing Practices: A Case Study. Presented at: 9th International Conference on Catholic Social Thought and Business Education, Manila, Philippines on February 26-28, 2015.

    Nowakowski, M. (April 1, 2014). High seas is the new market normal. MINNPOST.

    Nowakowski, M. (2012). A narrative case study of two international graduate students. Presentation at the Huether Conference, Washington D.C., November, 2012. 

    Nowakowski, M. Session moderator at 2011 MBA Roundtable Conference, Foster School of Business, University of Washington. “Experiential Learning Opportunities for MBA Candidates.”

    Nowakowski, M. (2009). Liberal canon and MBA education. MBA Innovation, Summer, 2009, 48-51.

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  • Respect for a diversity of perspectives has never been more important. MINNPOST.
    Nowakowski, M.


    As a business professor, it is important for me to remember that while my primary audience is my students, owners and managers of Minnesota businesses are key stakeholders I should keep in mind when providing a business education. And while business leaders are certainly looking for candidates who look good on paper, what they ultimately need are future leaders whose skills might be less tangible. While business students in universities strive to learn new sets of specialized skills in accounting, project management, or data analytics, the development of a critical mind that can holistically analyze and understand complex issues is still the foundational deliverable we strive to foster...