Minnesota Teacher License Renewal Seminars

Renew Your Minnesota Teacher License

Complete the state-required seminars for relicensure at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.

Saint Mary’s offers the following seminars each semester, which are state-required areas of study for Minnesota teaching license renewal.

Upcoming Seminar

March 21, 2020
Brother Louis Hall Room 131
Instructor: Jean Loerzel

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Seminar Information
  • Each seminar is approximately 60-90 minutes long. 
  • All four seminars are offered in one day, usually a Saturday, on the Twin Cities Campus
  • Take one, or all four, - only what you need for your relicensure.
  • The cost for each seminar is $50.00.
  • Confirmation of attendance is provided by Saint Mary's.

Schedule and Course Descriptions

Throughout the seminar, participants engage in and apply the best practices of reading instruction. Participants learn about the cognitive components and methodological processes of reading to enhance their classroom and/or school setting. Participants also explore learner linguistic knowledge and understanding in relation to reading preparation.

This course focuses on creating an educational environment fostering the academic success and well-being of the English Language Learner (ELL) within not only distinct ELL classrooms but also extended instructional environments. Collaboratively, attendees will examine factors affecting second-language acquisition as well as cooperative learning activities and strategies supporting ELLs through best practice techniques. Ultimately, participants will not only develop a more comprehensive understanding of aspects influencing ELLs within the classroom but also possess a collection of specific methods designed to meet the diverse educational needs of ELLs.

Participants learn general information about mental health disorders, including how to identify symptoms and/or behaviors that may be present in the classroom. The new Suicide Prevention relicensure requirement, which is embedded in this seminar, will look at identifying possible early signs of suicide and will provide tools that may be helpful to students. Seminar participants connect their understanding to educational implications, classroom accommodations, effective instructional strategies to implement, and resources that are available to teachers. 

Engage in proactive behavior management in your classroom and focus on positive behavioral intervention strategies. Throughout the seminar, participants learn about effective strategies to avoid the escalation of disruptive behaviors and analyze the elements of a successful discipline plan. A rubric of behaviors and researchers’ systematic models for behavior intervention reinforce participants as they apply the seminar concepts to their classroom.