Art and Design Department

The Art and Design Department provides a creative environment for Saint Mary’s students with opportunities to cultivate aesthetic diversity and enrich cultural awareness.

Our programs offer state-of-the-art facilities where you take hands-on courses with small class sizes and direct interaction with experienced faculty. 

Art Galleries on Campus

The Art and Design Department manages two galleries on campus for the enrichment of all students and the local community: The Lillian Davis Hogan Galleries in the Toner Student Center, and a student gallery in the art and design building.

Goals for Our Students

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of design fundamentals and vocabulary
  • Recognize major figures and movements in art history, and draw connections between historic and contemporary trends
  • Identify and discuss major uses of the visual arts in our society: communication of information, transmission of religious/spiritual values, social/political action, utilitarian design, personal expression, and environmental enhancement
  • Think creatively and critically
  • Analyze a work of art, using correct terminology and proper art criticism criteria


Robert McColl, M.F.A.

Art and Design - Assistant Professor, Department Chair

Saint Joseph Hall, SJ015D

Campus Box: # 66

(507) 457-1591

Robert McColl M.F.A.
Preston Lawing, M.F.A.

Art and Design - Professor

Saint Joseph Hall, SJ15C

Campus Box: #1421

(507) 457-1701

Preston Lawing M.F.A.
Roderick Robertson, FSC, M.F.A.

Mission Enhancement - Lasallian Scholar in Residence

Saint Joseph Hall, SJ021

Campus Box: # 18

(507) 457-1593

Roderick Robertson M.F.A.
Lisa Truax, M.F.A.

Art and Design - Associate Professor

Saint Joseph Hall, SJ015B

Campus Box: #1480

(507) 457-1669

Lisa Truax M.F.A.