Art Studio Major

Art studio majors at Saint Mary’s are provided exposure to a wide range of media and develop the critical and conceptual skills needed to realize a personal artistic vision.

Art studio majors, while immersed both historically and conceptually, examine the purpose, function, and aesthetics of the chosen art form within the larger scheme of the art world. Students learn requirements of a professional career in art and are guided in the building of a professional portfolio including a résumé, an artist statement, and a showcase portfolio.

Career Options

Art studio majors might pursue careers as architects, art dealers, art directors, craft artists, curators, fine artists, illustrators, photographers, recreational therapists, and elementary, middle, and high school teachers.

High School Preparation

Art History; Computer Applications; Computer/Graphic Arts; Geometry; Studio Art; World History

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in art studio oftentimes pursue a double major or minor in medieval and renaissance studies or digital graphic design