Zoology Minor

Studying Zoology—the science of animals—is intended to enhance the learning of students who are interested in obtaining a solid foundation in zoological concepts, including diversity in the animal kingdom, morphology, physiology, evolution, behavior, and ecology. 

Students will develop an understanding of animal biology at multiple hierarchical levels and to develop an appreciation for animal diversity. 

Zoology minors completing any of the biology majors are encouraged to choose courses to minimize overlap. Students have a biology faculty adviser who will assist in the selection of courses that fulfill the minor and support the student's goals. Up to eight transfer credits, approved by the biology department, may be applied to the minor. Courses specifically designed for non-science majors may not be credited toward the minor.

High School Preparation

Take a high school curriculum that will prepare you for your college course work. If your high school offers AP, IB, or honors classes, take as many sciences as you can—for example, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. This preparation will help you as you enter the higher-level classes at Saint Mary’s.

Enhance Your Experience

This minor is a natural complement to the curriculum for majors in the natural and physical sciences, especially pre-veterinary science.