Sport Business Minor

Students minoring in sport business from Saint Mary’s acquire the skills to become successful managers, organizers, and promoters in sports organizations and businesses of all sizes.

Whether it's a leadership position in the front office or marketing management role, the sport business minor at Saint Mary's gives students a solid foundation for success. With instructional courses that span business, marketing, and management, students' studies can be applied across multiple industries.

Career Options

Promotion managers; brand managers; sports agents; athletic directors; coaches and scouts; party and event planners; physical therapists; recreation and fitness workers

High School Preparation

Business; Accounting; Health; Mathematics

Enhance Your Experience

The sport business minor is a good fit for many students who have an interest in sports and business, especially pre-physical therapypublic relations, or strategic communication majors.

Degree Requirements

A. All of the following:

AC222 Accounting Concepts (3 cr.)

This course provides an introduction to accounting with an emphasis on the interpretation and use of accounting information for effective business decision-making. The course employs an "information user/managerial approach" rather than an "information preparer approach." Students are introduced to the accounting system, financial statement analysis, and quantitative managerial accounting techniques.

MG219 Principles of Management (3 cr.)

This first course in management stresses an understanding of the management functions as an integral part of the business organization. Attention is given to planning, leading, organizing, controlling and other aspects of the managerial process.

MG332 Sport Management (3 cr.)

This course offers a foundation of sport management concepts, skills and techniques. The course also focuses on the area of leadership. Students develop their leadership, decision-making, organization, and management skills for their role in sport administration. Topics to be discussed include program development, leadership development, conflict resolution, facility management, fiscal management, liability and risk management, and public relations.

MG334 Sport Facilities and Event Management (3 cr.)

The course provides a strategic business perspective of sport and facility management. It includes the essentials of facility planning, design, and construction in addition to facility operations, systems, and maintenance. The course addresses financial and legal issues involved in managing a sport or entertainment facility.

MK217 Principles of Marketing (3 cr.)

This beginning course in marketing develops an understanding of the marketing function and its central importance to the business organization. Attention is paid to a variety of marketing topics including products, channels and distribution, pricing, promotion, buyer behavior, and ethical issues in marketing.

MK333 Sport Marketing (3 cr.)

The course provides a strategic business perspective of sport and entertainment marketing. It includes the essentials of sport marketing including research, segmentation, product development, pricing, licensing, sponsorship, and communication channels such as advertising, sales promotion, and publicity.

Please Note:

The business analytics, entrepreneurship, business or sport business minors are not allowed with any business major.