Biochemistry Major

The biochemistry major is an excellent option for those students who wish to have a strong foundation in an interdisciplinary science.

Today, many new jobs are being created in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries that demand the breadth and flexibility available with a biochemistry background. 

Biochemistry uniquely examines the cellular and sub-cellular levels of life through the "eyes" of molecular chemical reactions, structures, and energetics. In other words, life is examined at its most fundamental physical level. This major provides a strong background in both chemistry and biology with additional support from physics and mathematics. 

Career Options

Agricultural researcher; biological scientist; clinical laboratory technologist; food scientist; forensic scientist; medical scientist; pharmacist; science technician

High School Preparation

Biology; Calculus; Chemistry; Environmental Science; Physics

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in biochemistry will oftentimes pursue a minor in scientific computing, mathematics, or physics

Degree Requirements

A. All of the following: