Student in chem class

Chemistry Major/Minor

The chemistry major serves those students who wish to build an educational background for a variety of interesting careers. 

A Saint Mary's chemistry graduate is ready for immediate employment either as a chemical technician or as a chemist in government, industry, or academia. Chemistry offers excellent preparation for professional schools including medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary science, or for graduate work in chemistry. An advanced degree can also lead to doing fundamental research in academia, industry, or government, or professional work in management, law, sales, marketing, consulting, or purchasing. A chemistry career is usually limited only by one’s own vision.

Career Options

Agricultural and food scientist; chemist; materials scientist; elementary, middle, or high school teacher; environmental scientist; forensic scientist; materials engineer; occupational health and safety specialist; pharmacist; scientific writer; artist

High School Preparation

Biology; Calculus; Chemistry; Computer Science; Physics

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in chemistry will oftentimes pursue a minor in biology or physics.

Chemistry Minor

Chemistry minors will explore a variety of topics ranging from the chemical basis for life to environmental issues caused by chemicals. The chemistry minor is often an attractive option for biology majors because they already satisfy many of the requirements of the minor for their biology major.