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Educational Studies Major

The educational studies major at Saint Mary’s provides opportunities for students to study education theory and examine the processes involved in teaching and learning.

The program emphasizes the study of social and cultural factors that impact education institutions and the ways education processes are used in settings other than the classroom.

The educational studies major at Saint Mary’s is a creative, unique partnership between the School of Education and the Theology Department. The program is shaped by shared objectives for preparing undergraduates to provide educational services in diverse and rapidly changing settings. 

Educational Studies Concentrations

Career Options

Students with an educational studies major typically find careers in the area of social and behavioral sciences, educational policy, or education law or policy. They may teach in settings not requiring state licensing (e.g., adult basic or adult ELL education, community education, environmental or outdoor education, Head Start, long-term volunteering, Montessori or Waldorf training, museum education, religious education, and youth leadership). An educational studies major also prepares students to complete graduate studies in education or related fields.

High School Preparation

English; Psychology; Sociology; Math; Science; History

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in education studies oftentimes pursue additional studies in psychology, sociology, or human services.