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Educational Studies Major

Develop your awareness, understanding, and knowledge of how social and cultural factors impact education — and become a difference-maker in our communities.

The educational studies program at Saint Mary’s is a creative, unique partnership between the School of Education and the Theology Department. The program is based on their shared dedication to prepare you for a career in educational services in diverse and rapidly changing settings.

Immerse yourself in the study of education theory, examine the processes involved in teaching and learning, and explore how education processes are used in settings outside of the classroom. Through these studies and more, you will be prepared for a career helping adults, youth, and families by shaping their lives through education and social advocacy.

Educational Studies Concentrations

By completing this major, you will connect education coursework to social advocacy by choosing one of three concentrations; adult education contexts; child and family contexts; or youth development and leadership.

Adult Education Contexts Concentration

Gain exposure to the many factors and issues surrounding adult education.

Adult learning success is affected by many factors, including family needs as well as issues of culture, class, gender, and ethnicity. You will choose from an array of courses addressing these and other contexts for adult learning, and receive a strong grounding in curriculum, field methods, assessment, and developmental and abnormal psychology.

Child and Family Contexts Concentration

Discover various teaching and learning methods, while focusing on the larger contexts of schools, families, and society.

Schools, families, and society interact in many ways that affect student learning and success. You will receive an extensive grounding in teaching methods for a wide range of academic subjects. Gain insights into the important roles that families and societal conditions have on schools and learners.

Youth Development and Leadership Concentration

Build a strong foundation in the sociology and public policy issues that affect positive youth development and leadership.

Youth development and leadership is a growing field of interest. You will receive a solid grounding in curriculum, assessment, and developmental and abnormal psychology. Explore a variety of topics that impact student success such as substance abuse, family dynamics, contexts of ethnicity, class, and gender, and public policy.

Potential Careers

With an educational studies degree, you will find rewarding career opportunities in the area of social and behavioral sciences, educational policy, or education law or policy. Go even further. Take the next step toward advanced degrees in education or related fields with your educational studies degree from Saint Mary’s.

In contrast to careers requiring state licensing, there are many career opportunities to pursue with an educational studies degree without licensing:

  • Adult basic or adult ELL education
  • Community education
  • Environmental or outdoor recreation education
  • Head Start
  • Long-term volunteering
  • Montessori or Waldorf training
  • Museum education
  • Religious education
  • Youth leadership

High School Preparation

English, psychology, sociology, math, science, history

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in education studies often pursue additional studies in psychology, sociology, or human services.