Prepare Your Future Students for Success

Teaching, reaching, and inspiring middle and high school students takes strong skills and superior teacher preparation. At Saint Mary’s, secondary education majors learn how to prepare future students for success inside the classroom and beyond. By combining coursework with experiential learning, secondary education majors learn how to teach tomorrow’s future.

Students pursuing a secondary education license* will double major in secondary education and their content area. Beginning sophomore year, you will gain extensive field experience in a variety of settings, connecting coursework, combining theory and practice, and modeling effective instruction. In addition to developing practical and theoretical knowledge, you will develop awareness and understanding of diversity in the classroom — a must in today’s changing world.

Senior year brings an exciting opportunity for student teaching, working closely with a cooperating teacher, and assuming the role of teacher in an actual classroom setting. You will learn first-hand how to plan, organize, teach lessons, maintain a conducive learning environment, and become acquainted with school routines and practices. After student teaching, you will gain the experience needed to one day lead your own classroom.

Preparing Teachers for Licensure *

Students completing a secondary education major are prepared to seek Minnesota licensure* in grades 5-12 in an academic discipline. In addition to a professional education curriculum, requirements include a specific set of courses in an academic concentration to complete a major.


Students can double major in secondary education and one of the following majors to pursue licensure as a secondary teacher in Minnesota.

Please see the course catalog or contact your advisor for the most current information about requirements to seek licensure.

*For information about this program and teaching licensure, visit our Professional Licensure page.


Career Outlook and Advanced Studies

As a teacher, you will have the opportunity to lead your own classroom in public or private middle or high schools. Take your degree even further with advanced degrees from Saint Mary’s like ELL/bilingual education, educational administration, curriculum and instruction.

High School Preparation

Algebra, biology, chemistry, English, world language, psychology, U.S. History, world history, technology