Secondary Education Major

Teaching, reaching, and stimulating middle and high school learners takes strong skills and superior teacher preparation.

Saint Mary’s School of Education is committed to excellent faculty, small class sizes, and real-world experience. This, in turn, trains secondary education teachers to relate to students, helping to launch learners toward future success.

Saint Mary’s School of Education helps secondary education majors create a challenging and positive learning environment for all learners, including those with diverse backgrounds and needs. Toward that objective, strong emphasis is placed on gaining extensive field experience in a variety of settings prior to graduation. Faculty connect these field experiences to coursework, combining theory and practice, modeling effective instruction, providing relevant context, and building confidence to address the variety of situations future teachers will encounter.

Preparing Teachers for Licensure

Students completing a secondary education major receive licensure in grades 5–12 in an academic discipline. In addition to professional education curriculum, requirements include a specific set of courses in an academic concentration to complete a major.

Career Options

Most graduates become classroom teachers in public or private middle or high schools. Some go on to seek advanced degrees in areas like special educationELL/bilingual education, educational administration, curriculum and instruction, school counseling, or school psychology. There are many other opportunities for students with education degrees in fields such as business or management.

High School Preparation

Algebra; Biology; Chemistry; English; World Language; Psychology; U.S. History; World History; Technology

Enhance Your Experience

Secondary education majors oftentimes pursue additional studies in psychology or sociology.