English Department

The study of English provides a timeless foundation for career success and lifelong intellectual growth. 

The English Department at Saint Mary’s helps students hone their skills as clear and creative communicators and insightful interpreters of the written word. Student at Saint Mary's benefit from an excellent roster of faculty who are published writers and scholars and active in their discipline. They bring a passion for teaching and learning, excitement, and professional insights into their classrooms.

A Foundation for Many Careers

Majoring in English lays the groundwork for a wide array of careers, including: business and management, teaching, marketing, publishing, advertising, law, journalism, public relations, and writing. Almost every student at Saint Mary’s takes at least one class offered by the English Department.

Goals for Our Students

  • Read literary and non-literary texts with understanding and insight
  • Write effectively in academic and professional genres
  • Conduct research efficiently and honestly
  • Understand the significance of writers and works in their social and historical contexts
  • Understand how works reflect and express diverse cultural perspectives
  • Assess the value of various critical approaches to literary and humanistic questions


Brooke Lenz, Ph.D.

Department Chair, English - Associate Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM231

Campus Box: #1436

(507) 457-1535


Brooke Lenz Ph.D.
Carolyn Ayers, Ph.D.

English - Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM205

Campus Box: #1432

(507) 457-1523


Carolyn Ayers Ph.D.
Erin Mae Clark, Ph.D.

English - Assistant Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM403

Campus Box: #1411

(507) 457-6643


Erin Mae Clark Ph.D.
John Kerr, Ph.D.

English - Associate Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM229

Campus Box: #1463

(507) 457-1673


John Kerr Ph.D.
Christian Michener, Ph.D.

Director of the Lasallian Honors Program, English - Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM201B

Campus Box: #1527

(507) 457-1423


Christian Michener Ph.D.
A. Stephen Rusyn, FSC, Ph.D.

English - Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM313

Campus Box: #1493

(507) 457-1525


A. Stephen Rusyn Ph.D.
David Sokolowski, Ph.D.

English - Associate Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM207

Campus Box: #1446

(507) 457-1538


David Sokolowski Ph.D.