Theatre Major/Minor

Study in theatre at Saint Mary’s offers students learning opportunities in acting, directing, musical theatre, dance, design and technology, playwriting, stage management, and research.

The theatre core includes script analysis, stage craft, acting, directing, theatre history, theatre design, technical theatre lab, career development, and dramatic theory. All theatre majors also participate in a London study abroad program.

Theatre Major Tracks


Acting/directing students complete courses in improvisation, voice and movement, and advanced acting styles. Additional directing and design/tech options prepare students for a well-rounded theatre education.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is an expressive, collaborative form of communication that through its storytelling power can entertain, enlighten, and impact the world in which we live. Musical theatre students complete courses in music theory, ear training, and musical theatre performance, history, voice, and dance. One musical production is performed on the Winona Campus each spring, providing practical experience for students in the department as well as campuswide.


Dance is an expressive form of human movement rich in symbolism, cultural statements, and visual beauty that can deeply communicate stories of experiences and emotions in unique and impactful ways.

The department produces at least two dance productions on the Winona Campus annually, putting these concepts into actual live performances. Dance students also have the chance to experience on-campus events which bring several professional performing companies and artists to Saint Mary's each year.


Design/technology students complete courses in visual communication for theatre, stage management, and a variety of design courses (scenic, lighting, costume, makeup, and sound). Students assist faculty mentors on design/technology projects.

Theatre Studies

Students have the option to complete courses in playwriting, research, advanced performance studies, stage management, and design/technology. This track allows more flexibility for the student who wants to “have it all.”

Career Options

Faculty at Saint Mary's prepare graduating majors to explore entry-level positions in theatre or dance, or to pursue further graduate studies in these art forms. In addition, theatre study provides for future pursuit of theatre and dance opportunities, whether as a profession, hobby, or as a personal source of enjoyment. 

High School Preparation

English, literature, dance, performance arts, and public speaking will support a student in their theatre education.

Enhance Your Experience

A theatre major or minor pairs well with a number of majors, including education, art studio, history, literaturemusic and music performance.

Theatre Minors

Dance Minor

The dance minor provides opportunities for personal expression and creativity for students in other majors. Courses are offered in dance techniques, dance history, dance composition, nutrition, dance pedagogy, and anatomy and kinesiology.

Musical Theatre Minor

The musical theatre minor provides opportunities for students in other majors to explore music, theatre, and dance. Courses are offered in script analysis, acting, music theory, musical theatre I and II, ear training, musical theatre dance, dance technique, and more.

Theatre Minor

Theatre is offered as a minor to complement other majors, providing opportunities to explore performance or technical theatre areas. The theatre minor offers courses in script analysis, stage craft, acting, directing, set/lighting/costume/sound design, stage management, theatre history, playwriting, and more. The department produces four theatre productions and two dance productions on the Winona Campus annually, providing practical experience for students in the department as well as campuswide.