Lasallian Core Traditions Program

The Lasallian Core Traditions Program partially fulfills the general education requirements for graduation and is the program that the majority of students in the undergraduate college choose.

The Lasallian Honors Program is also available.

This core provides a common Lasallian educational experience for students and is grounded in the university mission and the Lasallian dispositions of faith, zeal, service, and community. These four commitments underscore the ultimate aim of the program: to awaken and nurture the intellectual, spiritual, and personal development of learners in preparation for lives of service and commitment to social justice.

Program Details

The First-Year Seminar helps new students transition to university life while also beginning to develop their Lasallian identity as educated, competent, and compassionate members of society.

In the second-year course, students hone their writing skills through the study of important texts on the virtuous life from within the Western tradition, including selections from the life and work of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

In the junior year, students explore issues of social justice inherent in our emerging global society, while at the same time refining the knowledge, skills, and Lasallian Catholic values needed to evaluate and respond appropriately to different perspectives on real world issues, problems, and themes. 

In the senior Capstone course, students explore the historical and philosophical origins of our American culture and examine how these origins affect our understanding of our work, our relationships, our faith, and our citizenship. The purpose of this forward-looking Capstone course is to prepare students to live out the Lasallian charism in contemporary America and the world.