History Department

The History Department at Saint Mary's supports the mission of the university by providing education in history, a discipline which is a core component of the liberal arts. 

Through a study of the past, students develop an understanding of the national and global societies of which they are members. The goal is that students come to understand the forces which mold the institutions of their own society and of the global community. 

The Benefits of a History Major

History majors develop not only knowledge of the past, but also a variety of skills, including the ability to analyze and explain complex issues, the ability to research and present new information, and the ability to effectively communicate research and analysis in written and oral form.

International Semester

History majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad for a semester, preferably during the junior year. Advanced consultation with one’s academic adviser relative to major requirements is recommended.

Language Study

The History Department encourages all students to study foreign languages. Students who are planning to attend graduate school are strongly advised to pursue language study.

Campus Activities

The History Department is very active on campus, sponsoring the Lambda-Lambda Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society, and a student-funded Historical Society. It also hosts a variety of speakers on campus that appeal to the entire Saint Mary's community.

Goals for Our Students

Students demonstrate a strong foundation in historical thinking by successfully completing the history or history/social studies majors whose goals are to develop students' ability to:

  • Think historically, that is, to use historical methods in analyzing problems
  • Critically read and analyze historical works (secondary sources)
  • Find and interpret historical evidence (primary sources)
  • Construct an evidence-based interpretation of the past and communicate it effectively both in writing and orally
  • Navigate from the academic world of the university to the world of work, professional development, and lifelong learning


Tycho de Boer, Ph.D.

Department Chair, History and Social Sciences - Associate Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM235

Campus Box: #1419

(507) 457-6995


Tycho de Boer Ph.D.
Erich Lippman, Ph.D.

History and Social Sciences - Associate Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM237

Campus Box: #1505

(507) 457-6944


Meet Erich Lippman
Erich Lippman Ph.D.
Young Sun Park, Ph.D.

History and Social Sciences - Assistant Professor

Saint Mary's Hall, SM227

Campus Box: #1414

(507) 457-1785


Young Sun Park Ph.D.