Criminal Justice Minor

A criminal justice minor from Saint Mary’s complements many fields of study within the social sciences and other areas.

An awareness of how our system of criminal justice functions and interplays with other disciplines enriches, broadens, and deepens understanding and awareness for the way in which our society operates and each individual's circumstances.

Students who minor in criminal justice are exposed to topics such as police and correctional processes and the problems caused by drugs, crime, and delinquency. Other areas to explore involve criminal law, victimology, law enforcement, ethnicity, class, and gender issues.

Career Options

Border patrol; customs inspector; correctional officer; drug counselor; drug enforcement administration; Federal Bureau of Investigation agent; police officer; probation/parole officer; protective services; security 

High School Preparation

European and U.S. History; Government; Psychology; Sociology; Statistics

Enhance Your Experience

Criminal justice minors often pursue majors in history, human servicespsychologysociology, theology, and other social sciences.