Social Studies Education Major

Social scientists share a common interest in observing, describing, and explaining social phenomena, including cultures, institutions, organizations, groups, and individuals.

A major in social studies education is designed to serve students who seek certification to teach social studies in secondary schools and who need an overview of the disciplines represented in the social sciences. Licensure requirements are subject to change; therefore, students considering teaching in this area should be in continuous contact with the chair of this program and the School of Education for a list of required courses.

Career Options

A majority of our graduates pursue classroom teaching in public or private middle or high schools; others go on to seek advanced degrees from Saint Mary's in special education, literacy, educational administration, curriculum and instruction, school counseling or school psychology.

High School Preparation

Comparative Government and Politics; Human Geography; Microeconomics; U.S. Government and Politics; U.S. History

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in social studies education will oftentimes pursue a minor or double major in educational studieselementary educationsecondary education, or sociology