Completing Your Degree

Integratus means to make whole, and at Saint Mary’s our goal is to tend to the whole student — mind, body, and spirit. For that reason, you will also complete coursework in communication or public speaking as well as wellness and cultural engagement experiences.

Communication or public speaking courses are designed to improve your interpersonal relationships and self-confidence. (Students in the Honors curriculum are not required to enroll in a separate communication course.)

Two wellness experiences will ensure your physical well being is addressed, and these may consist of

  • participation in a varsity sport for at least one full season (only one wellness experience can be earned using this option), or
  • any physical education/lifestyle course, or
  • any 0 cr. or 1 cr. dance course, or
  • select Professional Development (PD) courses.

Cultural engagement experiences build an awareness of how culture shapes worldview and acts to develop and test shared meanings among members of social groups. Through exposure to and interaction with a culture you can identify as different from your own, and by reflecting on that experience and articulating what you learn from it, you build these experiences into your growth in the areas of identity development and community engagement. You will gain these experiences through courses or activities you may already be engaged in, or can explore a new activity or course to meet this requirement.

You will reflect on your integrative development and personal growth in a learning portfolio you can also use as a foundation for your next stage of life.

Integratus culminates with your Capstone course, the comprehensive application of intellectual flexibility and imagination, identity development, community engagement, social responsibility, and a continued search for meaning during your undergraduate experience at Saint Mary’s. In your project, you will revisit the themes of place, purpose, and well-being by realizing them in action through a community engagement project.

As part of an interdisciplinary team of students, with the support of a faculty mentor, you will apply your thinking and efforts to real-world problems and issues, collaborating to address a real problem through the application of scholarship, research, and community engagement. Teams present their findings, solutions, and suggestions for continued work in a Saint Mary’s community public setting. (Students in the Lasallian Honors Program complete the Honors curriculum sequence.)