Frequently Asked Questions

General education is the required curriculum that makes up the foundation of a liberal arts bachelor’s degree. Some general education courses provide you with essential skills to succeed in your major. At Saint Mary’s, your general education continues throughout your academic program, complementing the depth of study in your major with a breadth of perspective.

Integratus provides the structure for a more coherent, more meaningful general education experience grounded in the Saint Mary’s mission.

Our integrated approach means some of your courses and experiences will contribute BOTH to completing your general education and to completing your major. Some student life activities are also included in the integrated program.

The interdisciplinary minor you gain as part of Integratus helps you learn to understand issues, concepts, and individuals with backgrounds, ideas, and training different from yours. When you enter the workplace with your own specialty, you will also have experience working with people who approach issues differently. By completing this integrated minor, you also fulfill your general education disciplinary requirements. But this doesn’t mean you can’t also pursue another minor in a disciplinary field.

All Saint Mary’s undergraduates at the College are required to participate in Integratus - it is the foundation of our undergraduate experience. If you are bringing college credits from another institution or from dual-enrollment courses, we will help you integrate them into Integratus.

Students who accept an invitation into the Honors Program will complete all of their Integratus requirements by completing the Honors curriculum.