Lasallian Honors Program

Lasallian Honors Program

The Lasallian Honors Program partially fulfills the general education requirements for graduation and is available to a select number of students each year.

It is designed to provide an intellectually stimulating experience for bright and motivated students who wish to engage in "shared inquiry" in small, interdisciplinary classes (also available is the Lasallian Core Traditions Program).

The hallmarks of the Honors Program are in-depth discussions of the Great Books and other notable texts of the Western and Eastern cultural traditions; service learning with organizations in the community; experiential learning in the fine arts; and participation in a community of learners who desire to grow intellectually, spiritually, and creatively. The program is grounded in the university mission and the Lasallian dispositions of faith, zeal, service, and community.

The ultimate goal of the Lasallian Honors Program is to awaken and nurture the intellectual, spiritual, and personal development of learners in preparation for lives of servant leadership and appreciation of the world’s intellectual and cultural heritages.

Program Details

Students are invited into the Lasallian Honors Program based on their college-entrance test scores, their academic record, and their co-curricular activities and achievements.

Through a series of eight seminar courses, students read and engage with the most important ideas in human history. Through service learning, students explore the practical dimensions of social justice in the local community and reflect on the Christian concept of servant leadership. And through innovative tutorials in the fine arts, students learn about and create a variety of works of art.

Students are required to maintain a minimum 3.2 cumulative grade point average in order to remain in good standing in the Lasallian Honors Program. Students who spend a semester studying abroad can substitute one course taken abroad for one honors course.

Program Outcomes

Students in the Lasallian Honors Program develop advanced skills in analytical reading, writing, critical thinking, and oral communications. The curriculum promotes active learning, preparation for graduate study and professional work, and camaraderie in a supportive community of peers and professors.