Language, Literature, and Culture Department

Language, Literature, and Culture Department

The department of Language, Literature, and Culture strives to challenge and support you in your intellectual, spiritual, personal, and professional development with its intellectually stimulating curricula, whether in English, History, or Spanish.


Mosaic is a literary magazine published annually by the Department of Literature, Language, and Culture showcasing student artistic work across departments and majors. The annual edition is curated by a student editor and a panel of student judges.

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Our programs prepare you for an understanding of the written word and with languages, literatures, histories, and cultures of our world. Here you will strengthen your critical thinking skills, learn to express yourself creatively, and use language to communicate effectively.

Career Outcomes

Take your degree as far as you want to go. Many graduates enjoy successful careers in communication, publishing, media, government agencies, marketing and public relations, business, and more.

With Spanish ranking as the world’s #2 language, a degree in Spanish opens the door to numerous careers. Translate for patient care staff and patients as a Spanish medical interpreter or lead an international human resource team working in Spanish-speaking regions.

As a graduate with a History, Spanish, or English degree, you can pursue graduate studies in education from Saint Mary’s or continue your education with professional programs in fields such as law, journalism, and business.

Meet Kendall Archer

A total stranger provided the crucial advice that helped Kendall Archer choose Saint Mary’s University over the other 16 schools to which she applied. Unbeknownst to Archer, the person she contacted after a Google search of “notable alumni of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota” just happened to be a member of the school’s Board of Trustees.

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