Computer Science Major

Cybersecurity Track

As we continue to become ever more connected through digital devices and data, the need for cybersecurity professionals grows.

With our increasing dependence on online technology, security is crucial for business, consumers, and government, to protect systems from cyber threats and attacks. A degree in cybersecurity will provide you with the skills to protect valuable data assets and to anticipate and avoid threats to data integrity.

Coursework will cover the tools and systems used to monitor, mitigate, and prevent online threats.

Data Analytics Track

Combining the knowledge and training for analytically focused careers in business with the programming skills necessary for working with data.

The emphasis of the data analytics track at Saint Mary's is on applications of data analysis, business forecasting, modeling, operations management, market analysis, and project management techniques. The student in this major will learn programming and information technology skills to provide information for decision support systems.

Management Information Systems Track

Students with a degree in management information systems (MIS) have knowledge of information technology, management techniques, and organizational development. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers involving the development and support of business processes which utilize information systems and focuses on the methods, concepts, and practical applications of information systems in the workplace. Students acquire an integrated skill set that includes a deep understanding of how technology fits within a company or organization.

Software Design Track

Though students use cutting-edge software development technologies, the curriculum focuses on the concepts and principles embodied by those technologies that persist over time.

The emphasis of the software design track at Saint Mary's is on providing students with an education that guides them to be proficient in core programming skills and to be experienced in project-based software development. Students will also acquire critical information technology skills which will lead to the construction of quality software.

Students who earn a degree in the software design track will graduate with data analysis skills from multiple perspectives and technologies and an understanding of the scientific, cultural, and political role that technology plays in our global society.

Career Options

Graduates who possess a degree in computer science are prepared for positions including: Computer Programer, Data Analyst, Information Security Officer, Penetration Tester, Security Analyst, Security Architect, Security Software Developer, Security Engineer, Software Engineer, and Web Developer.

High School Preparation

High school coursework that will support a student in his or her pursuit of degree in the computer science track includes experience in Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Science, and Writing.

Enhance Your Experience

Students who earn a degree in computer science will oftentimes pursue a minor in statistics or business or double major in marketing or mathematics.

Computer Science Minor

The computer science minor gives students in many majors the chance to explore the field of computer science and to gain career-enhancing skills in programming.

Students start with core courses in programming and choose additional courses from the three computer data science major tracks: cybersecurity, software design, and data analytics.

The minor complements major areas in business, mathematics, and the sciences.