Computer Data Science Major

Providing training in an in-demand field of study and offering three concentration options: Computer Science, Data Analytics, and Geographic Information Science (GIS). 

Concentration Options

  • The Computer Science track  of the major emphasizes software design and development skills through project-based curriculum.
  • Both the Data Analytics and GIS tracks provide students with a strong core of programming skills, while introducing them to relevant knowledge in their prospective areas.

This major, in its entirety, develops ethical and professional leaders who are skilled in the art and craft of software construction and possess skills in data analysis in many forms.

3-1 Educational Model

Each track follows a 3–1 educational model: three years of intense coursework plus one year of supervised project work. The supervised project work may include an internship. This program strives to engage students with outside partners in the computing industry as well as on-campus partners, such as Saint Mary’s GeoSpatial Services and internships at local companies, such as Fastenal and IBM.

The first three years are built upon a platform of fundamental computing concepts and problem-solving skills. The final year builds a senior capstone practicum experience involving the student in the complete lifecycle of software development. The practicum is a year-long endeavor of the student's own design, or in conjunction with an ongoing group project.

General Goals for Learning

Students pursuing a degree in computer data science (regardless of track) will develop:

  • Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and use these skills to solve complex computing problems
  • The communication and interpersonal skills necessary to perform effectively in a technical environment

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