Philosophy Major/Minor

There’s nothing that trains the mind like studying the major themes of human existence and knowledge that philosophers have grappled with for centuries.

The philosophy major provides a comprehensive survey of the major figures and themes in the history of philosophy and opportunities to explore specific topics in depth. Students grow in their ability to reason logically, problem-solve, and clearly explain their ideas.

Career Options

A background in philosophy is an excellent preparation for a variety of career and vocational pursuits, including teaching/education, theology, law, different forms of Christian ministry/service, publishing, writing and editing, and healthcare.

High School Preparation

High school courses that will provide good preparation for the philosophy major include Comparative Government and Politics, English Literature, European and World History, Computer Science, Philosophy, and Trigonometry.

Enhance Your Experience

Students majoring in philosophy sometimes pursue a second major or minor in subjects such as mathematics, psychology, English, or history.

Philosophy Minor

Philosophy minors find it supplements most any major in the liberal arts. A minor in philosophy will provide foundational problem-solving and communication skills helpful to any student's post-graduate career.