Physics Major/Minor

The study of physics includes fundamental principles that describe the behavior of the physical elements of life on earth—from mechanics, waves, electricity, and magnetism to atomic and nuclear physics.

The physics department endeavors to help students see the impact of scientific thought, methods, and discoveries on contemporary society. Through a strong emphasis on laboratory work, students develop the ability to interpret phenomena in light of existing theories. 

Career Options

Graduates with a degree in physics may go on to careers in the fields of physics, astronomy, meteorology, the health sciences, law, or teaching.

High School Preparation

Students considering majoring in physics will benefit from high school exposure to Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, and other lab sciences.

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in physics sometimes pursue a second major or minor in the areas of mathematics, computer science, biochemistry, other natural sciences, or the multidisciplinary scientific computing minor.

Physics Minor

The fundamental ideas of physics underlie all basic science, making the physics minor a great addition to any of Saint Mary's science majors.

Major - Course of Study & Course Descriptions

Minor - Course of Study & Course Descriptions