Physics With an Engineering Science Emphasis Major

This program is particularly suited to a student who comes to Saint Mary's for a pre-engineering program, with the intention of transferring to an engineering school after the first two years.

If a student decides to stay at Saint Mary's to complete the bachelor's degree, this major remains a good preparation for a master's degree program in electrical or computer engineering.

Career Options

Students gain preparation to go on in a wide array of careers in the engineering field, including electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and nuclear engineering.

High School Preparation

Good preparation for the physics with an engineering emphasis major includes high school exposure to Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, and Industrial Technology.

Enriching Your Experience

Students who major in physics with an engineering emphasis sometimes pursue a second major or minor in the areas of chemistry, biochemistry, other natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, or the multidisciplinary scientific computing minor.

Course of Study & Course Descriptions