Political Science Department

Our nation is more globally connected and affected than ever before, in areas ranging from international business and trade to health, energy policy, religion, and social movements. Understanding our politics and public policy issues is key to understanding our nation within that global context.

Political Science at Saint Mary's

The Political Science Department at Saint Mary’s trains students in disciplined methods of inquiry, bringing together elements of theory and practice and stressing clarity in written communication, oral communication, and critical thinking. The Washington Center Internship Program and expansive study-abroad opportunities complement the on-campus offerings.

Goals for Our Students

  • Develop the ability to think critically and write clearly about important political questions or cross-cultural and global issues
  • Enhance their global citizenship through an awareness of the global dimensions of personal choices and public policies
  • Enhance an active democratic citizenship through the development of practical political awareness and experience at political activism
  • Enhance their analytical and presentation skills devoted to political and global topics through class presentations


David Lynch, Ph.D.

History and Social Sciences - Professor, Political Science Coordinator

Griffin Hall, GR195

Campus Box: #1430

(507) 457-1526


Meet David Lynch