Pre-physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a very competitive graduate program, and a Saint Mary’s education will open doors for you.

Your professors will get to know you and support you as you prepare for and apply to graduate school. The ability to get to know your professors at Saint Mary's will make a difference as you begin your application process. Their letters of recommendation will be more compelling because they know you and interact with you on a regular basis.

Program Details

Biology is our recommended major for students interested in physical therapy. In addition to a biology major, students are encouraged to bolster their education with supplemental courses that will enhance their résumé and graduate school application. Classes in chemistry, psychology, medical terminology, and business—to name a few—will support students' graduate school applications.

Students interested in physical therapy are encouraged to speak with their adviser about their desire to go on to a graduate school physical therapy program. This will ensure that classes are taken in the correct sequence, adequately moving them toward graduation.

Students are also encouraged to speak with Jeanne Minnerath, the Director of the Allied Health Programs. Jeanne will be especially helpful to our students in their junior and senior years, when they begin their graduate testing and their application to physical therapy school.

High School Preparation

If physical therapy is a strong interest of yours, you should take a high school curriculum that will prepare you for your college course work. If your high school offers AP, IB, or honors classes, take as many sciences as you can—for example, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. This preparation will help you as you enter the higher-level classes at Saint Mary's.