Pre-chemical Engineering

Although Saint Mary’s does not offer a degree in chemical engineering, students have the option of following a pre-chemical engineering program of study for two or three years and subsequently transferring to a school of engineering for two additional years. 

Three-two Program

Saint Mary’s offers its students a three-two program with many other institutions. In this program, students attend Saint Mary’s for three years, completing a strong course load in physics, chemistry, and math. They then transfer to an engineering program in an associated institution for two years. Depending on the institution, students emerge with either a bachelor's degree or a master's degree in chemical engineering.

Program Details

Students interested in the pre-chemical engineering program should speak with their advisers and should also consult with Brett Bodsgard, chair of the Chemistry Department, about a specific sequence of recommended courses. These students will closely follow the course sequence of a chemistry major. It is also recommended that the student interested in chemical engineering enhance their resume with a strong course load in the sciences, including courses in physics, biology, and math. They should also take two business courses.

Degree Requirements