Pre-Theology Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary

Saint Mary's pre-theology program prepares students for careers in ministry. The program is offered in conjunction with Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary, conveniently located adjacent to the Saint Mary's campus.

Students in Saint Mary's pre-theology program often declare a major in philosophy—a key area of focus for students preparing for theology school. At Saint Mary's, the Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary philosophy major was developed in consultation with the seminary and provides an excellent platform for entering the priesthood. 

Everyone at Saint Mary's is wholly dedicated to helping students pursue their God-given callings. Through the pre-theology program, students will be matched with faculty mentors who will provide the necessary guidance to ensure a student is exposed to coursework that will provide the best preparation for seminary. Oftentimes this includes course in philosophy, theology, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew.

Degree Requirements

The seminary also requires the following theology courses:

TH115 The Mystery of Salvation (3 cr.)

The Christian Bible leads to Christ, the mystery of salvation. This course is divided into four parts corresponding to the Catechism of the Catholic Church: professing our faith, celebrating our faith, living our faith, and praying our faith. The primary sources are Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

TH210 Introduction to the Old Testament (3 cr.)

Students survey examples from the Pentateuch, Prophetic, Historical and Wisdom texts, their forms, settings and theology. This survey incorporates an appreciation for some basic contemporary interpretive methods. Methods encouraged by Vatican II's Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation are studied.

TH220 Introduction to the New Testament (3 cr.)

Students survey examples of texts from the Pauline, Catholic and Pastoral Epistles, the Gospels and Acts; Hebrews and Revelation are also introduced. Working with the interpretive strategies gained in TH210 Introduction to Old Testament, students begin to assess the dynamics of interpretation through the completion of an exegetical paper.

Please Note:

Two semesters of elementary Latin are required of all seminarians who have not had at least two years of high school Latin or who still demonstrate a deficiency in the level of Latin expected by theology schools. Seminarians who plan to enter master's programs at the theology level should plan on taking Greek and Hebrew if their schedules allow for it and if the courses are offered.

Most seminarians spend four years at Saint Mary's University completing their baccalaureate degree. However, a number of seminarians who already possess a baccalaureate degree come to Immaculate Heart of Mary. These men generally are in residence for two years, during which time they complete their philosophy and theology requirements.