Political Science Minor

A political science minor helps you achieve a better understanding of political systems and institutions in the United States and globally. You will also learn how political systems form people’s opinions and beliefs, giving you the knowledge to promote social change effectively and ethically.

A political science minor demonstrates to potential employers you have gained analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as integrity and an ethical approach to diverse ideologies and beliefs. As a Lasallian Catholic university, Saint Mary’s promotes a compassionate community, thus encouraging respectful dialogue and appreciation for all individuals and their unique perspectives.

Apply to a Variety of Majors

A political science minor is an excellent complement to the following majors, all offered at Saint Mary’s as undergraduate programs:

Course Topics

Your courses will not only focus on the history of politics and systems, but cover relevant topics surrounding political science, including:

  • Purpose and functioning of the U.S. political system.
  • Variety of approaches to political study.
  • Logic of both quantitative and qualitative approaches to social science research
  • Tools for data collection such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, life history, observation, and ethnography; and data coding and analysis strategies
  • Skills of statistical analysis such as estimation, hypothesis testing, chi-square tests, regression, and correlation; and of non-statistical analysis, such as coding and thematic analysis
  • Communication of social science data to improve decision-making in public and private agencies.