Psychology Major/Minor

Psychology explores how and why the human mind functions the way it does in healthy individuals, as well as abnormal brain function and its effects on life.

The psychology major at Saint Mary’s serves students who plan to attend a graduate or professional school in psychology or a related field, those whose occupations will require knowledge of psychology (teachers, social workers, counselors, etc.), and those who are interested in psychology as a complement to a variety of other studies.

Career Options

Clinical psychologists; counseling psychologists; health psychologists; industrial and organizational psychologists; sport psychologists; neuropsychologists; marriage and family therapists; mental health and substance abuse workers; social workers; program evaluators; research psychologists; and school psychologists.

High School Preparation

Biology; Chemistry; Community Environmental Studies; Health Science; Mathematics; Psychology; Social Science; and Statistics.

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in psychology oftentimes pursue additional studies in sociology, education, and human services.

Grad School

Psychology majors who graduate from Saint Mary's will find it easy to transition to the university's graduate programs, located in the Twin Cities and Rochester. Pursue your passion with a master's degrees in marriage and family therapy, and counseling and psychological services, a graduate certificate in addiction studies, or a Doctor of Psychology in Counseling Psychology.

Psychology Minor

Psychology minors supplement most any major in the liberal arts. A minor in psychology will provide foundational knowledge helpful to any student's post-graduate career.