Dance Minor

Dance is an expressive form of human movement rich in symbolism, cultural statements, and visual beauty that can deeply communicate stories of experiences and emotions in unique and impactful ways.

Within the Theatre Department at Saint Mary’s, dance is offered as a minor to complement other alternatives for personal expression and creativity within the performance arts. The dance minor complements the theatre major and provides opportunities for students in other majors. The dance minor offers courses in Dance Techniques, Dance History, Dance Composition, Nutrition, Dance Pedagogy, and Anatomy and Kinesiology.

The department produces at least two dance productions on the Winona Campus annually, putting these concepts into actual live performances and all that they entail. Dance students also have the chance to experience on-campus events which bring several professional performing companies and artists to Saint Mary's each year.

Career Options

Graduates may choose to pursue further studies in this area, but they all gain skills that further their appreciation for this art form, making dance part of their personal repertoire of life experiences and serving as a healthy activity and form of entertainment.

High School Preparation

Theatre; English; Literature; Dance; Music

Enhance Your Experience

Students who minor in dance oftentimes pursue a major in biology pre-physical therapy, music, music performance, or theatre

Minor - Course of Study & Course Descriptions