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Lillian Davis Hogan Scholarships in Theatre

The Lillian Davis Hogan Scholarships are endowed four-year renewable scholarships for bachelor degree-seeking students intending to major in theatre. These awards will be based upon an audition.

Theatre Audition Requirements

All scholarship candidates must first complete the standard undergraduate admission process and be accepted to Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. After acceptance, candidates may sign up for audition date.

Register for an audition

Audition Preparation and Materials

Students must prepare either an audition monologue, a portfolio representing technical and/or design work, or write a theatre-related research paper for their audition. Candidates must also create a résumé of theatre activities, honors, and awards (sample résumé PDF).

On the day of the audition, students must participate in an interview with theatre faculty, ideally on the Saint Mary’s campus, or at another designated site. If you can't get to campus, you may also choose to submit a digital audition.

In addition to the application, interview, résumé, and essay, all scholarship candidates must choose one or more of the following scholarship requirements:

  • Performance studies or musical theatre concentration: monologue
  • Technical or design concentration: portfolio
  • Theatre management concentration: monologue, portfolio, and/or research paper
  • Undecided: research paper

Prepare two contemporary monologues no longer than two minutes each (one may be a musical theatre song).

  • Monologues should be chosen from published plays, not from the Internet or self-authored.
  • The monologues should have contrasting characters; different attitudes as well as objectives.
  • Monologues should have some form of conflict or problem to solve.
  • Pay close attention to what each character wants and who they are talking to.
  • Pick a point straight ahead of you on which to focus the delivery of your monologue (this is your imaginary scene partner).
  • Monologues should be age appropriate (the character should be your age, plus or minus a few years).
  • Do not speak in a dialect or with an accent.
  • Introduce yourself and state where your monologues were found. You do not need to explain them.
  • A chair will be provided.
  • Do not use props or costumes.
  • If singing, please bring piano music for an accompanist.

Prepare a chronological visual representation of your technical and/or design work.

  • Portfolios may contain such items as prompt books, programs, pictures, ground plans, renderings (costumes or sets), plots (lighting or costumes), and related paperwork (schedules, lists, charts, etc.).
  • Candidates should be prepared to orally present the portfolio and talk through the processes in which the candidate was engaged.
  • Portfolios should be well organized and have a professional look, as opposed to a "cute" scrapbook format.

Candidates should write a 5-6 page theatre research paper discussing a particular area of interest.

  • Research papers should include a bibliography of at least five non-Internet sources.
  • Papers should be type-written, double spaced, with one-inch margins.
  • Remember, any ideas that are not your own should be cited throughout the paper to avoid plagiarism, including Internet sources.

Other Scholarship Options

The Lillian Davis Hogan Theatre Award is just one of many institutional scholarships and financial aid options offered by Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. 

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