Theatre Minor

Theatre is an expressive, collaborative form of communication that through its storytelling power can entertain, enlighten, and impact the world in which we live.

Within the Department of Theatre and Dance at Saint Mary’s, theatre is offered as a minor to complement other majors. The theatre minor provides opportunities for students in other majors to explore performance or technical theatre areas. The theatre minor offers courses in Script Analysis, Stage Craft, Acting, Directing, Set/Lighting/Costume/Sound Design, Stage management, Theatre History, Playwriting, and many more.

The department produces four theatre productions and two dance productions on the Winona Campus annually, providing practical experience for students in the department as well as campus wide.

Career Options

Graduates may choose to pursue further studies in this area, but they all gain skills that further their appreciation for this art form, making theatre part of their personal repertoire of life experiences and serving as a healthy activity and form of entertainment.

High School Preparation

Theatre; Art; English; Literature; Dance; Music

Enhance Your Experience

Students who minor in theatre oftentimes pursue majors in music, art, English, psychology, and more.

Minor - Course of Study & Course Descriptions