Certificate in Pastoral Studies

Ministry formation requirements and hiring practices at the local level have made it necessary for lay ministers in the Catholic church to be able to demonstrate specific accomplishments of academic and pastoral training through a certification process of formal study and testing.

Program Details

Since 1998, Saint Mary’s, in partnership with the Institute of Lay Formation, Diocese of Winona, has offered students attending the Institute the ability to register for undergraduate credit through Saint Mary's for classes taken at the Institute. The Institute seeks to be a resource for parishes and other church institutions by preparing lay leaders for a deeper living out of their Christian vocation and to be more faithful and effective in lay leadership positions. 

In conjunction with the Institute, Saint Mary's offers a Certificate in Pastoral Studies. The certificate is designed to provide current and future ministers within the Roman Catholic Church accredited theological and pastoral training.

Enrollment for undergraduate credit is optional for participants in the Institute of Lay Formation. However, only those students enrolled for undergraduate credit are eligible for the certificate.