Bachelor’s Completion Admission Staff

The friendly bachelor’s completion admission staff at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is here to help you. They can answer all your questions—or will find the answers for you.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our staff at the phone numbers or email addresses listed below.

Connect With Us

Nicole Coppersmith, M.A.

SGPP Admission - Senior Enrollment and Transfer Counselor

Oakdale Center, OC

Campus Box: # 28

(612) 238-4561

Nicole Coppersmith M.A.
Cheryl Cox, M.A.

Apple Valley - Center Coordinator/Transfer Counselor

Apple Valley Center, AC

Campus Box: # 28

(612) 238-4551

Cheryl Cox M.A.
Cherie Jandrich, M.A.

SGPP Admission - Transfer Counselor

Apple Valley Center, AC

Campus Box: # 28

(612) 728-5173

Cherie Jandrich M.A.
Laura (Laurie) Roy

Director of Admission, SGPP

LaSalle Hall-TC Campus, LSH118

Campus Box: # 28

(507) 457-8606

Laura (Laurie) Roy
Molly Bigelow

Rochester Center - Enrollment Counselor

Rochester Campus, RC

Campus Box: # 12

(507) 457-8602

Molly Bigelow