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Guide to transferring your Dougherty Family College credits or A.A. degree toward a bachelor’s degree

Your earned credits, work experience, and military service may all be applied toward one of Saint Mary’s bachelor of science degree programs.


Business Administration

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Nursing (RN required)

Healthcare and Human Services Management

Criminal Justice Leadership

Human Resource Management

Public Health

The Saint Mary’s Transfer Advantage

You need 120 credits to earn the bachelor of science degree, including a minimum of 36 credits from Saint Mary’s. The remaining general education credits can be completed at Saint Mary’s, or transferred from other sources, such as Dougherty Family College.

Let’s Get Started

You’ll need a minimum of 30 semester credits and transferred courses must have a grade of “C” or better.

You’ll also need 3 credits completed in college level English Composition:

  • ENGL 1200 Gateway College Writing OR
  • ENGL 1201 College Writing I

Transfer students who have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) or an associate of arts degree from Dougherty Family College are considered to have met Saint Mary’s general education requirement for the bachelor of science degree.

Required Saint Mary's Competencies MnTC Goal Areas
Written Communications (3 cr.) ENGL 1200 Gateway College Writing OR
ENGL 1201 College Writing I
Oral Communications (3 cr.) Required Saint Mary's Program Coursework
Science (3 cr.) Goal 3
Mathematics (3 cr.) Goal 4 or approved Business Math course including Accounting
History, Social Science & Behavioral Science (3 cr.) Goal 5
Humanities and Fine Arts (6 cr.) Goal 6
Global Human Perspectives (3 cr.) Goals 7 and 8
Ethics and Civic Responsibility Required Saint Mary's Program Coursework
Information Literacy Required Saint Mary's Program Coursework
  • Your past credits are always eligible - they never expire
  • Transfer up to 84 credits (70% of your bachelor of science degree)
  • Transfer credits for prior learning
    • We offer a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) course where you can earn up to 35 college credits using work and life experience.
    • You can apply standardized tests such as CLEP or DSST toward your degree.
    • We accept military, industry, and business training via the American Council on Education (ACE) or PLA.

Plan your degree

Visit with your transfer counselor, Cheryl Cox, by phone at 612-238-4551, text at 612-688-5698, or email at ccox@smumn.edu, or submit your transcripts (unofficial or official) at any time for a transfer of credit evaluation.

We’ll provide you with a personalized, preliminary degree plan for a seamless start at Saint Mary’s, including an estimate of how many credits will transfer toward your bachelor of science degree.