Eagle Battalion Army ROTC

Leaders for Life

Saint Mary's offers a Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program for interested students, in cooperation with Winona State University, Viterbo University, and University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.

ROTC provides leadership curriculum in conjunction with required academic coursework, enhances student/cadet critical thinking and managerial skills, and prepares students/cadets to receive a commission as an officer in the US Army.

Scholarships and Benefits

ROTC cadets are eligible for:

  • Full tuition and fees or $10K for room and board
  • Two- and three-year scholarships available for undergraduate or graduate degrees
  • Guaranteed Reserve Force Duty (GRFD) option available
  • Living stipend: $420 per month
  • Book stipend: $600 per semester

Things to Know

  • Classes are offered on the WSU, Viterbo, and UWL campuses
  • Any student can enroll in the Military Science course (MS 101) and try ROTC
  • Enrolling for ROTC doesn’t obligate you to serve in the military
  • Several contracting options exist to help meet your goals

Frequently Asked Questions

No, anyone may enroll in ROTC! 

All cadets are given supplies and equipment at no cost to the student.

No. Students who are enrolled in ROTC do not serve in the Army unless they pursue (and are awarded)  an ROTC contract. Non-contracted ROTC students take ROTC courses and receive college credits. ROTC is considered a college elective.

No. The ROTC program trains all ROTC participants on leadership and shapes motivated, academically and physically-qualified contracted Cadets into Army leaders. The training methodology is entirely different than basic training.

Yes. Cadets are college students first! We encourage our Cadets to pursue activities outside of ROTC. We currently have cadets in our program who compete on a number of college-level varsity athletic teams. The Army ROTC program is centered on the concept of the "Scholar-­Athlete-Leader." Academic success is the cadets' and our top priority.

No. A contracted cadet's military obligation does not begin until they have graduated/commissioned. Contracted ROTC cadets are non-deployable.

Yes, there are different contracting paths to accommodate students who are currently serving in the military or have previously served in the military. Roughly half of the students in the Eagle Battalion ROTC program are currently in either the US Army Reserves or the National Guard.

For More Information

Nathan Rudebusch
Scholarship and Enrollment Coordinator
608-209-5047 (cell)