returning undergraduate students

Welcome Back to Saint Mary’s!

Once a cardinal, always a cardinal. We’re so glad you’ve decided to return to Saint Marys’ to continue your education. We’re here to help you pick up where you left off.

How to Apply for Readmission 

Students seeking readmission to the undergraduate Winona Campus must submit a request for readmission form to initiate the readmission process. A member of the Academic Readmission and Dismissal Appeal Committee will then be in contact with you about readmission.

The student will need the following documents: 

  • a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, current employer, or volunteer site coordinator
  • a personal statement addressing these questions: Why are you choosing to return to Saint Mary's at this time? What have you been doing since you left Saint Mary's? What do you need to be successful in your academic goals?
  • an Unofficial Transcript from any institutions you attended after attending Saint Mary’s (if applicable)
  • a completed readmission / transfer form (as applicable) if you lived on campus at a different institution

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Readmission After Attending Other Schools 

If the student has been enrolled at another college or university since their last term of enrollment at Saint Mary’s University, an official transcript must be submitted. If the student was a residential student at another institution, a completed readmission / transfer form must also be submitted to Saint Mary’s University from that institution.

Students readmitted within two academic years of their last enrollment can meet degree requirements of the catalog in effect when they were last enrolled OR the catalog in effect at the time of readmission. Students readmitted more than two academic years after their last enrollment must meet degree requirements effective at the time of readmission.

Additional transcripts with credits earned since last attendance at Saint Mary’s will be evaluated for transfer, based on the Transfer of Credit policy.