Sports and Business a Winning Combination

Interested in turning your passion for sports into a viable career?

Jake Mencacci ’18 (Business Management and Marketing) and Brad Hauser ’17 (Business Intelligence and Analytics) knew that they wanted to channel their love of sports into a career.

With jobs with the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Minnesota Wild, Mencacci and Hauser have joined a long list of Saint Mary’s alumni and students who have discovered that combining sports and business can be a home run. The winning combination can help you net some amazing careers with national teams.

Saint Mary’s provides a classroom experience unlike no other, incorporating real-world scenarios into curriculum to bolster the success of graduates in not only landing meaningful jobs, but also excelling in their positions.

According to Zakary Mayo, MBA, of the Business Department “We treat our students as if they are not only working, professional adults, but individuals who are ready to enter the workforce. My goal for them is to be able to experience what it is really like to work in the field of sport.”

Let Saint Mary’s University help you realize your goals. Check out our sport management, business intelligence and analytics, business management, and marketing majors to begin visualizing your track to success.