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Answers to your COVID-19 questions

February 3, 2021

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Do I need to be tested if I have already been positive for COVID-19?
All students must be tested in the university’s mass testing event and participate in surveillance testing with the exception of student-athletes who are being tested regularly as a result of practices or competitions, those who can prove they have tested positive within the past 90 days, and those being tested regularly due to off-campus employment.

How many students can be together in a social setting?
Per guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health, social gatherings are limited to no more than 10 people from two households (“families” or “pods”) indoors and no more than 15 people from three households (“families” or “pods”) outdoors. Families or pods are considered those students living in the same residence hall. However, students are encouraged to gather in much smaller groups.

The size of gatherings associated with classes, clubs, events, or activities will vary based on the location, protocols in place, and status of COVID-19 on campus.

What if there is a false positive test?
A positive test is a positive test. However, there are specific situations where Minnesota Department of Health guidance may change quarantine dates.

Are field trips allowed this semester?
The university has prohibited all non-essential travel. Field trips would fall into that category of non-essential travel, which means they are currently not permitted.

Are off-campus service projects permitted this semester?
Off-campus service projects are not permitted this semester due to concerns about COVID-19 transmission that might occur on campus as a result of those projects.

Are students permitted to do internships this semester?
Students are permitted to do internships this semester if the proposed site for the internship allows such experiences. Students are expected to comply with the COVID-19 protocols of the internship site and the university while participating in the internship. Students are reminded that their responsibilities to comply with COVID-19 protocols do not end when they leave campus.

For answers to more questions, visit the COVID-19 FAQ page. (A Saint Mary’s login is needed to access.)

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