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Answers to your questions

September 3, 2020


If for whatever reason we had to travel home, would we have to quarantine when we arrived back on campus?
We are strongly recommending no travel. This largely depends on where you are going and if it is considered a hot spot. Please fill out the travel form, and we can help you make that determination.

Would I have to quarantine when returning back to campus if I visit home (Twin Cities area) for the weekend?
You will need to fill out the travel form as you are traveling outside of the region. We are strongly recommending no travel. Although we cannot mandate you quarantine when you return, if you will be involved in activities where COVID-19 safety protocols (wearing masks and social distancing) are not possible, it may be necessary to seclude yourself.

If I live in Rochester, and I had to go home and spend the weekend home, upon my arrival back at school, would I need to quarantine?
Students must notify the university of any personal travel occurring outside Winona County and any overnight travel or travel to high-risk states, with the exception of travel within an hour of campus in the state of Minnesota (Rochester, Red Wing, Wabasha). So, there’s no need to notify for travel to Rochester. If your family has largely been quarantining and/or following safety protocols, there should not be an issue.

If my family member is staying at a hotel in Winona, would I be allowed to stay there overnight? And would I have to fill out a travel form?
No travel form is needed as this is within our community. We would ask you to continue following safety protocols by social distancing, wearing a mask, and sanitizing your hands.

Why are there fewer food options this year? Many items offered last year aren’t offered this year even though we are paying the same amount. For example, there are no omelets at breakfast which is a favorite for many and can be served safely.
You are correct that omelets can be served safely, but they also take time to prepare individually. And with our current situation, we need to offer items that can be served more quickly. We are hoping that once we work through some of our serving issues, we can expand our offerings. We continue to make changes and will work with Chartwells.

Will Campus Safety be monitoring who goes in and out of Saint Mary’s?
The front guard booth is not staffed, but Campus Safety is patrolling the university. Only outdoor venues are open to the public at this time.

My friend told me that because they had COVID-19 earlier this year, even though they were in direct contact with a confirmed case, they don’t have to quarantine. Is that true? Can’t people still transmit it even though they’ve already had it?
According to the Minnesota Department of Health, those who have tested positive in the previous three months do not need to quarantine.

If I am quarantined in my residence hall and I am not sick, can I use the printer for class purposes?
Yes, you may use the printer within your residence hall. Please continue to follow safety protocols by wearing a mask, social distancing, and sanitizing the area frequently.

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