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Answers to your questions

August 13, 2020

Undergrad Student Information

Will I need to fill out the travel form to leave campus during move-in days?
Unless students are leaving the region (farther than Wabasha/Rochester), they do not need to fill out a form. If students are traveling to another state, like La Crosse, Wis., they would need to fill out a form.

It does not feel fair or reasonable for students in dance classes to be required to wear masks, especially if athletes or other students working out will not be required to wear them. Dance requires physical exertion as well and could put people at risk.
Ultimately, this is up to your instructor. We are asking students, for their own safety, to wear masks as much as possible, even during strenuous activity, but we realize this may not always be possible. We encourage you to direct your concern to your instructor.

How will education students get their in-classroom hours? Will they be held to the same regulations or standards as teachers in the Winona district during observations and clinicals should Winona have face-to-face classes this fall? Is this something the school districts decide individually, or does Saint Mary’s have any say in this?
These questions should be directed to your adviser within the School of Education.

What will happen to a student’s remaining semester if they get sick and have to go home to quarantine? Does the student return to school once recovered?
Students who have to go home to quarantine should be in contact with the Student Success Center on how to continue their studies (if they are physically able) while they are gone. Yes, the hope is that once the student recovers and has quarantined, they can return to class.

Will students be able to eat in any building other than the dining hall/designated eating spaces? (i.e. library, study rooms, etc.)
Yes, students can take their to-go containers and eat anywhere they feel comfortable, like their residence hall rooms and study rooms. Food isn’t permitted in the library and is discouraged in classrooms.

Is it safer for students who cannot wear a mask to receive online instruction rather than potentially putting other students, faculty, and staff at risk?
Students who cannot wear masks should have filled out the accommodations form and been in contact with the Wellness Center to be considered for special accommodations.

Will there be an option for students to receive counseling in person? Or is it limited to teletherapy?
Most counseling will be teletherapy. Exceptions will be made for students who are in crisis mode.

Will there be changes made for picking up textbooks from the bookstore to ensure social distancing practices?
Yes, the bookstore will be in contact with students with special instructions.

Are students able to scan their own IDs when entering the dining hall?
Yes, our new equipment is a touch-and-go system, so there is no contact.

How will members of the Winona community or the public be monitored coming in and out of campus, such as for the hiking trails? How will students be monitored if leaving campus for simply the grocery store in their cars? How strict will it be?
Students will only be self-monitoring for symptoms if they are using trails or traveling within Winona. We are asking students and guests to follow the social distancing and mask guidance at all times (including the trails if social distancing is not possible).

How do I go about visiting my child on campus, or what happens if I come to pick them up to take them off campus? Will I have to check in?
Please call your student once you arrive on campus, and your student can meet you outside of the residence hall to get into your vehicle. Checking in, when you arrive on campus, is not needed at this time.

Are there tips for student teachers and those completing internships?

  • Have a change of mask in a plastic bag, one for student teaching/internship and one for Saint Mary’s.
  • Have a change of clothes at the site of student teaching/internship. Change into those clothes when leaving the site, placing them in a plastic bag.
  • Wash the clothes you wore to the site when you return to campus.
  • Consider showering when you return to campus.
  • Wash your hands when you return to campus.

Do I need to go home for winter break (in November)?
All students will be asked to vacate the residence halls after they close in November, including those who are from a distance. Only students in Saint Mary’s sponsored events or those who need to quarantine will be allowed to stay.

Do I need to go home if the university moves online if I have family members with health conditions at home?
Students will be allowed to stay on campus and safely quarantine for 14 days prior to their home departure. Any students who may fall in this category (i.e., family members at home with health concerns that meet the CDC requirements for COVID-19 related concerns) should contact health services at prior to Tuesday, Sept. 1, to seek approval.

Where can I find the list of now online classes?
Students should check the FA20 course schedule in the student portal at — or check with their advisers — if they have any questions about fall academic delivery.

Will I be able to attend my sister’s wedding later this month?
This is a case-by-case situation. We would encourage students not to travel if at all possible, but we understand weddings are important events, particularly of close family members, and students will want to attend. Students should fill out the travel notification form prior to any travel plans. There are varying questions including: Where is the wedding located? (Is it a hot spot?) How many individuals will be attending? What date is the wedding? And what are the travel arrangements? We strongly encourage all students to continue to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines and quarantine if needed.

Have an additional question or concern? Fill out the form and let us know.