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Answers to your questions

August 27, 2020

Undergrad Student Information

Will student teachers need to leave campus if Saint Mary’s sends students home?
Student teachers will be allowed to be on campus as long as they are student teaching in person.

Can commuter students stay overnight with friends in their dorm rooms since we’re in the same pod anyways?
No; no overnight guests are permitted.

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, what is the process to determine if that student should seek additional medical care (i.e. doctor appointment, visit ER, etc.)? Does the student decide themselves, do campus medical personnel weigh in, or are parents consulted?
It largely depends on how the student feels. Our Wellness Center staff can help students determine whether or not they need medical care or follow-up, should they test positive.

Where can commuter students pick up their welcome bags?
Commuter students may pick up their welcome back gift bags at the Office of Campus Safety, first floor of the Toner Student Center.

Are students able to go out to grocery stores in Winona to buy things they need?
Yes. We encourage students to plan ahead and be purposeful in their shopping and limit the amount of times they go off campus. We’ve also created the convenience store in the Cardinal Club to help with some basic necessities. Flex dollars can be used there, as well.

Are students allowed to have visitors for the day? If so, what are the hours? Do they need to fill out any forms?
Visitors are permitted but not overnight. They need to adhere to our safety guidelines, including wearing a mask and social distancing.

Do students quarantine when they’ve had close contact with someone who is quarantined while waiting for their test results?
Not until we know that case is positive. We strongly encourage students to monitor their symptoms and call the Wellness Center at 507-457-1492 if they have any questions about whether or not to take further steps.

Will there be consequences for students who are caught attending parties or going out to bars?
We are monitoring these situations closely and letting students who have been involved in risky behavior know disciplinary actions will be taken, including suspension or expulsion if warranted.

Printers in the SLC do not have paper in them, and all study lounges in Yons and other residence halls are locked, which leaves many people with few options for printing. How are we supposed to print?
If you have IT issues (the paper tray is empty, etc.), call the Helpdesk at 507-457-7800 or email them at The printers in the residence halls should be accessible. If they are currently not accessible, they will be shortly.

If we are unable to have seconds in the cafeteria, we should have the option to opt out of the meal plan. Paying for a non buffet style meal is not acceptable.
We understand your frustration, and we want you to get your money’s worth and not leave hungry! Our issue now is in how we can get all students through the line in a timely fashion with our new (and slower) safety precautions. At this time, it’s because of our time limitations that seconds aren’t allowed. Students are welcome to take more than one container with them and take as much food as they would like their first time through the line. We’ll be making signs and instructing food service personnel to let all students know this. Adaptations to our whole process will undoubtedly be made as we work through this together, and we appreciate your patience.

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