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Answers to your questions

September 10, 2020

Undergrad Student Information

Will science students who rely on labs to learn vital techniques be able to stay on campus if the decision is made to send students home?
Many students have the need to be on campus for their curriculum, such as those in fine arts and science programs. If the university has to switch to online learning, we will take all of this into consideration. Hopefully, if we continue to strictly follow safety protocols, we will be in Winona together all semester.

What level or how many positive cases of COVID-19 in students and faculty will result in the shutdown of campus?
This decision is dependent on a variety of factors, including how ill students testing positive become, how many faculty are affected, whether we have enough supplies and staff power, and if we have enough quarantine space. It also depends on guidance from local and state officials. At this time, we are keeping numbers manageable, but we will require everyone’s help to keep us green.

At what point does the transmission scale turn yellow? What are the numbers ending and beginning each color?
There are no specific numbers for each transmission color. This is dependent on a number of factors both internally and externally. Right now, we are close to turning yellow, largely based on the high number of transmissions in Winona County. We are also reaching half capacity for our designated quarantine facility. Although a yellow designation is cause for concern, it does not mean we are close to switching to online. It does mean that we need to examine our policies and procedures and see if we can make adjustments to keep us from having to do so.

Why did we have classes on Labor Day? There are many schools who had that day off and are getting out early as well. It doesn’t really seem all that fair.
The answer there lies in the large number of positive cases we had our first week of school. As students travel, they re-expose themselves and bring that all back to campus with them again. Many other universities set this same fall schedule. Although it was tough to be in class on Labor Day, you can look forward to more time at home at the end of the semester.

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