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Answers to your questions

July 16, 2020

Undergrad Student Information

How will professors handle office hours?
Professors will continue to have office hours. But for student and faculty safety, faculty are encouraged to meet with students virtually.

Will shared department spaces and study spaces be available for use?
Yes, but shared spaces will have posted occupancy limits.

I’m concerned about the lack of internship opportunities. Is there anything Saint Mary’s is doing to help?
Career services will continue to work with students and will strive to find students these opportunities. We are highly aware that some companies are no longer interested in allowing interns because of COVID-19, but we also know there are other ways for students to still achieve hands-on learning experiences, even if virtual.

What are spring 2021 plans for study abroad?
Because of the unpredictability of this virus, no decision has been made regarding spring 2021. We will continue to monitor the situation and inform students as soon as a decision has been made.

Will students coming from high-risk states be expected to self-isolate before returning to campus?
Domestic students returning from high-risk areas will be encouraged to quarantine for 14 days, preferably from home. The Alverna Center may be an alternative place for them to do so. All students — regardless of where they are coming from — will be strongly encouraged to quarantine at home for 14 days prior to arrival on campus.

Are there any specific plans for commuter students?
Commuter students will be asked to observe social distancing and guidelines within their off-campus apartments. They will still have access to spaces on campus such as the library and other facilities.

Will student teachers be allowed to stay on campus after Thanksgiving break if needed?
Yes, student teachers will be allowed to be on campus as long as they are student teaching in person.

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