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Elementary Education Major

Develop the love of learning as an elementary school teacher.

A great role model in a child’s life fosters a love for learning and mentors them as they begin their school journey. At Saint Mary’s, we’ll prepare you to become an integral member of a child’s education, and a child’s life.

The elementary education major program prepares you for building relationships with young learners, giving them the tools they need to build a positive future. This foundation begins with the one-on-one attention you will receive from our professors and faculty. They have years of classroom experience, and with their real-world knowledge, you will learn how to apply elementary education theory and best practices as you begin your career.

Beginning sophomore year, you will gain extensive field experience in a variety of settings, connecting experimental learning to coursework. By combining theory and practice, modeling effective instruction, and providing relevant context, you’ll gain the confidence to meet the changing dynamics of working with young learners.

Subject Area Specialization Options:
If you want to pursue Minnesota certification in Elementary Education, you’ll take courses preparing for licensure in grades K–6. In addition to an elementary license, you may choose to complete a subject area specialization (also referred to as an endorsement) in Mathematics, Science, or Spanish.*

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Program Highlights

Three endorsement options to pursue Minnesota licensure in grades K–6.

  • General Science Endorsement 
  • Mathematics Endorsement 
  • World Language and Culture: Spanish

Teach STEM in a high-need district

Teaching in a STEM field allows you to stay connected with the discipline you love while inspiring children to see it as a possible option for their lives and careers. The ISTEP-Noyce program is designed to help increase the number of secondary STEM teachers from diverse backgrounds committed to teaching in high-need schools – to ensure all learners are served. 

With Saint Mary’s ISTEP-Noyce grants, you can receive two years of scholarship support.

If you’re interested in teaching STEM and applying for this scholarship, you must major in secondary education.

What You'll Learn

What You’ll Learn

  • Teach at a highly qualified level defined by state licensing (PELSB) standards
  • Effectively teach and lead a diverse population of students
  • Work with parents, colleagues, administrators, and community members
  • Commitment and understanding of teaching with Lasallian virtues
  • Hold a strong foundation in disciplinary knowledge and content
  • Ethical leadership focusing on character and virtue education

*Saint Mary’s Elementary Education program is approved by the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board of the Minnesota Department of Education, and is designed to prepare students to seek licensure in the state of Minnesota. For information about this program and licensure in MN and other jurisdictions, visit our Professional Licensure page.

Careers that look to the future.

As a graduate, you will have the opportunity to pursue teaching in public or private K-6/8 schools. Explore professions in school counseling or school psychology and pursue other career opportunities in fields like business and management.

Daycare center director


Private school kindergarten teacher


Expected job growth rate from 2020-2030

This module doesn't exist.

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